Generous FREE data for Singtel Prepaid Users – Reason why you should stay away from Postpaid

Prepaid plans and its users used to be the step children, but now no more.

In recent years, Singtel – the biggest telecommunication operator here in Singapore – has been upping the game by giving more and more perks to its prepaid users.

Back then around 2010 and before, as prepaid user, there was even no way to upgrade from 2G SIM Card to 3G SIM Card. You need to terminate your existing number and buy a new 3G SIM Card with new number.

Bye 2G Network Good ol Nokia Phone
Back then, there is no way to convert 2G SIM Card to 3G SIM Card on Singtel

Fast forward to present time, while perks given to Postpaid users are still better (in terms of perks, not how much you pay for it), but Prepaid users are in much better position now – we are no longer a step children – even I can say with Singtel latest move and promotion in Prepaid plans, those Postpaid subscribers may want to think to shift and make the jump to be Prepaid subscribers.

What’s the advantages of being Prepaid users compared to Postpaid Subscriber

The most important here is, as Prepaid users, you pay as you use. Unlike Postpaid subscribers, they pay some amount – if they use more, they need to pay more, but if they use less – they still need to pay the agreed amount.

Apart from that, here are the other advantages being a Prepaid users as compared to Postpaid users.

  • Pay as you use.
  • No contract.
  • There is no urgency to upgrade your phone – some postpaid plans make you to upgrade your phone every year or 2 years.
  • Able to switch to other provider easily.
  • No funny charges such as Caller ID – prepaid users get it for free while postpaid subscribers need to pay to get Caller ID.

Here’s the Singtel Prepaid Plan with Generous FREE Data

There are plenty of Prepaid plans available at Singtel, however there is this one Prepaid plan which looks a lot similar to Postpaid plan (because it’s monthly base and recurring until you stop it) and giving out generous free data.

Singtel Prepaid Hi!app promotion
Plenty of good things on the newly updated Singtel Prepaid Hi!App

It’s called YAY! Monthly Plan. Price is $19.90/month (GST inclusive) and here’s what you get with that dollar amount.

Basic package:

  • 200 mins call
  • 200 SMS

Basic data:

  • 5GB from 8am – 12am
  • 5GB from 12am – 8am

Bonus Data:

  • 1st month: 0GB
  • 2nd month: 1GB all day
  • 3rd month: 2GB all day
  • 4th month: 3GB all day
  • 5th month: 4GB all day
  • 6th month onward: 5GB all day

If you are keep using the Prepaid numbers for at minimum 6 months, at the end of 6th month, you’ll get in total 15GB data (5GB all day, 5GB from 8am-12am, 5GB from 12am-8am).

How’s that? Not bad and looks a lot like a Postpaid plan, right? But it’s available for Prepaid users! Depends on you, but for me personally, 15GB is more than enough to use within a month.

How to subscribe to Singtel YAY! Monthly Plan

In case you are interested to the Prepaid plan, here you go.

Prerequisite: you need to use either android or iPhones since the plan only available in Singtel Hi!App and the app is only available on those 2 platforms.

Disclaimer: This is not an invitation. This is also not a sponsored post. This article is just to show you the steps to subscribe to Singtel YAY! Monthly Plan. In case you decide to subscribe, do take note, the subscription will always continue unless you cancel the subscription. Do subscribe at your own risk. Under no circumstances will I be held responsible or liable in any way for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs or liabilities whatsoever (including, without limitation, any direct or indirect damages for loss of profits, business interruption or loss of information) resulting or arising directly or indirectly from the use of this article and its contents.

1) Download and install Singtel Prepaid Hi!App

This is Singtel Prepaid Hi!App download link.

# iOS / iPhone Android
OS iOS 9 & up Android 4.4 (KitKat) & up
Internet Connection Required Yes Yes
Download Link ios app store jilaxzone logo google play jilaxzone logo
Alternative Link iOS link Android link

2) Once installed, open the app, navigate to Top Up menu, then tap on Monthly Plans.

3) On Monthly Plans, tap on YAY! Monthly Plan for $19.90.

4) Select payment method. You need a debit/credit card with either Visa/Master logo on it.

5) Continue the steps, accept the terms and conditions, and finally key-in the OTP sent to you via SMS.

6) Once done, you’ll see on the Singtel Prepaid Hi!App balance menu, you are subscribed to YAY! Monthly plan. On the same menu, you can also see your available data bucket (how many GB left), your leftover call minutes and SMS plus the WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE and FREE Incoming call expiry date.

What are you waiting for?

So unless your company is paying or subsidize you for your monthly plan or unless you are seeing other benefits of using Postpaid, if you feel like you are always paying too much while you are not using that much, do consider switching to Prepaid and use this Singtel YAY! Monthly Plan with generous data offers.

Road Trip to New Zealand Fiordland National Park
Part of the money I saved, is used for travelling abroad

Not only life become simpler, you won’t have the urge to always upgrade your phone every year or two! Use the money for something else better.

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