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Wondering if WhatsApp messenger can send auto reply when you are not around or when you don’t want to reply? Yes, WhatsApp can do such thing!

While email client such as Outlook has long had this auto-reply feature, but that’s not the case for WhatsApp messenger. Or at least that’s what people thought. For you information, WhatsApp does have auto-reply feature and even auto-greet feature, but very rarely people are knowing and using them.

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WhatsApp – The Most Used Messaging App in the world today

There’s various reasons why you want to have auto-reply or auto-greet in WhatsApp. Whether it’s because you use WhatsApp as your official business messenger/chatting to customer/end users or because you just want any incoming messages that comes while you are away to get reply, here I’ll show you how to configure WhatsApp to do that.

Setup WhatsApp account to do auto-reply and auto-greet while you are away

Here’s how you can do it in 4 simple steps. And the setup is one-time setup only.

1. Upgrade to WhatsApp Business. It’s official and free.

Since early 2019, WhatsApp has officially launched another separate messenger, called WhatsApp Business for both Android and iOS.

The main difference between the original app – WhatsApp Messenger – versus WhatsApp Business is mainly on the business features, such as: – you are right – auto-reply and auto-greet.

So if today you are still using WhatsApp Messenger, but you need auto-reply or auto-greet features, then it’s time to upgrade yours to WhatsApp Business. It’s free and it’s an official app from WhatsApp.

Here’s the download link.


google play store jilaxzone logo Android


ios app store jilaxzone logo

In case the above download links are not accessible, use this one instead: Android, iOS.

2. Setup WhatsApp Business. It’s easy.

After installing WhatsApp Business, the next step is set it up. You have 2 choices here: either to migrate your existing WhatsApp account (on WhatsApp Messenger) to WhatsApp Business (means you will no longer use WhatsApp Messenger anymore) or to set a new number for WhatsApp Business (means you will have 2 WhatsApp accounts with 2 different numbers running on your phone).

2 whatsapp 1 iphone no jailbreak
I am using 2 WhatsApp accounts on 1 phone without root without jailbreak without hack

For details on how to setup 2 WhatsApp accounts on your phone, do check detailed step by step on this dedicated article here.

3. Setup Auto-Reply on WhatsApp Business Settings. It’s few taps only.

Once you managed to setup the WhatsApp Business, do the following:

a) Go to Settings, then tap on Business Settings.

b) On Business Settings, under Messaging Tools section, tap on Away Message.

c) Turn on Send away message.

d) Then set the schedule: either Always send, Outside of business hours or custom schedule. Use always send only when you are on leave, while outside business hours if you set this auto-reply for business purposes, while custom schedule is more for one time case – like when you are on medical leave.

e) Set the recipients. By default, everyone is chosen. You can change it into exclude my contacts, everyone except …, or only send to.

f) Set the auto-reply message.

Once done, you can close Settings and go back to Chats.

4. Setup Auto-Greet on WhatsApp Business Settings. It’s effortless.

Once you setup auto-reply, setting up auto-greet is effortless since the steps are pretty much similar.

a) Go to Settings, then tap on Business Settings.

b) On Business Settings, under Messaging Tools section, tap on Greeting Message.

c) Turn on Send greeting message.

d) Set the recipients. By default, everyone is chosen. You can change it into exclude my contacts, everyone except …, or only send to.

e) Set the auto-greet message.

Unlike the auto-reply feature which is based on schedule, auto-greet (or known as Greeting Message) if turned on, the greet message shall always be sent to the recipient who contact you on WhatsApp.

Bring it all together

Achievements unlocked! You just learned how to use auto-reply and auto-greet feature on WhatsApp. You just leveled up your WhatsApp knowledge! Congratulations.

Now you don’t have to worry when your business are closed or when you are away, or simply you don’t want to be disturbed, WhatsApp can help send auto-reply and auto-greet to your spouse, friends, bosses, customers and clients.

lock whatsapp protect
Protect your WhatsApp messages from other people who try or like to read them

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