Turning Your iPhone into 80’s Black and White TV

Do you live in the 80’s? If yes, then you know how it was when almost everything was Black and White (B/W) or Grayscale – TV, print outs, advertisements, newspapers, magazines. If you don’t, then no worry.

With this tweak, you change your iPhone screen appearance to mimic those B/W TV back in 80’s so you can bring back memories from the past (for those who live in 80’s) or know how did it feel back then (for those who never live in the 80’s). It’s kind of cool to show off this to your spouse, kids, or friends, the first sentence they will say – likely, “what happen with your iPhone?”

Change your iPhone Screen Appearance to Black and White or Grayscale

I tested this on iOS 12, but the same settings should work on earlier version of iOS and future iOS.

1) Go to Settings then Accessibility then Display Accommodations.

2) Find and tap on Color Filters.

3) Turn ON Color Filters.

ios tweak display accommodaion color filters jilaxzone.com
iOS Color Filters, Turn iPhone Screen into Grayscale aka Black and White

4) Change to Grayscale.

Now your iPhone screen does look like TV from the 80’s!


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Fun Fact about iPhone with Black and White Screen

Try to capture your screen using the screenshot button, check here for how to take screenshot with iPhone X,  and see the result. Although your iPhone screen is showing grayscale a.k.a black and white, but the screenshot taken is still showing colorful result!

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How to get yourself iOS 12 today

install iOS 12 Beta download link jilaxzone.com
Get yourself ready to install iOS 12 – Image courtesy of Apple.com

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