Would You Pay $10/Month for Ad-free Facebook and Other Social Media? [Join the POLL]

If you are not living under the rock, you should have heard the news.

Facebook (and other social media sites/apps) and their 3rd parties may make use of your personal information to the extent where they may use it against yourself. Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data scandal is a very good example how one can make use and abuse the data.

Part of the fault is YOU.

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Are you willing to pay $10/month to use ad-free Facebook and other social media?

Regardless on whose fault is that – in case you didn’t realize, part of it is your own fault to share so much things about yourself to the social media, they (social media providers such as Facebook) have no much choices since they are providing their services for zero dollar a.k.a FREE while at the same time they need money for paying the staffs salaries, paying the electricity for the servers and so many things they need to maintain as a company and provider.

Question is, are you willing to pay some amount of money (say $10/month just like Amazon Prime / Netflix / Spotify membership) to use their social media services so that they will no longer need to “sell” nor abuse your personal information but to focus on giving better and more improved social media services?

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