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Looking for the best way to convert Live Photo to GIF? Well, you are on the right place!
Historically speaking, back in 2015 when Apple introduced iPhone 6s with its Live photo capability, people are amazed with it. But unfortunately their amazement (me included) just stop at wallpaper since Live photo – at that time – can only be used as a wallpaper.
Fast forward to today, Apple and other application makers have make use of Live photo to be something else more meaningful. You can create Loop photo out of it, bouncing photo, long exposure photos, turn it into GIF and even convert it to video. From all those, the most that people are looking for is how to turn Live Photo into GIF.

Meet Motion Stills – probably the best FREE GIF maker and without Watermark!

Motion Stills Convert Live Photo to GIF jilaxzone.com Google
Motion Stills: An app to convert Live Photo to GIF by Google


An app made by Google Research with its simple and clean interface. The great thing about this app is that:
– It converts iOS Live Photo into GIF – High resolution!
– It can help to stabilize the Live Photo so not to shake too much.
– Create Collage – Not only 1 Live Photo, but you can combine multiple Live Photos and create a GIF Collage – How cool is that!
– Add texts, emojis to Live photo.
– Remove watermark – see details below.
– And the best part is, all above is FREE! There’s no In-App purchase needed.
To convert Live Photo to GIF, select the Live Photo and tap Send to GIF. Simple. Direct. Easy.
Motion Stills jilaxzone.com Convert Live Photo to GIF
Motion Stills: Convert to GIF
Here’s the sample of Live photo converted to GIF in High Resolution made by Google’s Motion Stills.
iPhone X Tap to Wake jilaxzone.com double tap to turn on screen
Tap to Wake: Double Tapping the iPhone screen to turn ON iPhone
Amazingly, the same app also available on Android. Although technically there’s no Live Photo on Android, but on Android, instead of Live Photo, you can capture short 3-second video to be turned to GIF.

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Download Motion Stills here

Wait no more, do give Motion Stills a try and let me know if you think this is not the best Live Photo to GIF maker and if you can find better FREE alternative than Motion Stills.
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ios app store jilaxzone logo
If above links do not work for you, try these:
Android download link here.
iOS download link here.

Bonus: Remove Watermark

There are plenty apps that convert Live Photo to GIF, however most of them will give your GIF results a watermark of their own which in order to remove the watermark, you need to purchase one of their In-App purchase.
If you are looking the FREE way to remove watermark from your GIFs, Motion Stills is the one to look for.
It’s consider hidden settings but here’s how to remove the Motion Stills watermark. Do the following steps:
– Open the Motion Stills app.
Motion Stills Convert Live Photo to GIF jilaxzone.com Slide down for Settings
Motion Stills: Slide down to open Camera and find Settings
– On the main interface where you see all of your Live Photos, slide down to open the direct shot camera interface.
Motion Stills Convert Live Photo to GIF jilaxzone.com Settings
Motion Stills: Tap on the Bolt Settings Icon to Open Hidden Settings
– On top left side of the screen, tap on the bolt icon to open a rather hidden settings.
Motion Stills Convert Live Photo to GIF jilaxzone.com Remove Watermark
Motion Stills: On the Hidden Settings, Find Watermark and Slide it OFF
– Hidden settings menu shall appear. Find and locate Watermark, slide to the left to turn it OFF forever!

Bring It All Together

Now I have shown you the best Live Photo to GIF converter. What do you think? Do you agree with me that this is the best FREE GIF maker without watermark? Do give your comments down on the comment section. Cheers!

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