Look what I found. An 30-year-old NES aka Original Nintendo 🎮

During my recent visit to my in-laws house, I spotted a rather interesting finding as a gamer: a (probably almost if not exactly) 30-year-old console. The famous NES aka Nintendo Entertainment System or people known and refer it just as Nintendo game console. This treasure belongs to my brother in-law.

For everyone information, I was a gamer back then, while these days I rarely play console games due to my responsibility and daily activities as an adult with wife and my busy-ness building my future nest egg-this website: Jilaxzone.com but really I’m still a gamer myself deep inside my heart and soul. So this finding is pretty much really like an archeolog found thousands-year-old dinosaur bones: a treasure not to be miss to be inspected.

Nintendo aka NES aka Famicom or Family Computer 🎮

While to the rest of the world this console is known as Nintendo Entertainment System or NES in short or most people like to call it just “Nintendo”, in Japan, this console came with different color, form and shape and called under different name: Famicom which is short for Family Computer.

The Treasure: Now considered-Archaic Nintendo NES console 🎮

Without further ado, these are the pictures of the treasure I found: a (almost if not exactly) 30-year-old Nintendo NES console that was used to be on every kids’ dream during late 80’s to early 90’s.


Nintendo NES Jilaxzone.com the famous console box
Nintendo NES: The box of the original & famous now-30-year-old NINTENDO console
Nintendo NES Jilaxzone.com Nintendo box view from side
Nintendo NES: View from side of the box, there’s Original Nintendo NES console specifications

Even to this day, the custom 8-bit N-CH Nintendo CPU still sound cool when you try to say it 😎

Nintendo NES Jilaxzone.com A zoom look to Nintendo box
Nintendo NES: A zoomy look to Nintendo box – 8-bit N-CH Custom CPU – How sound-cool and super that is, even until today!

Look at now-turn-to-yellowish amazing power console that was a king on late 80’s and early 90’s. The form and shape still looks futuristic to me. Don’t you agree with me?

Nintendo NES Jilaxzone.com Inside the box
Nintendo NES: A look what’s inside the box: The now yellowish original & famous Nintendo NES with the two controllers

The mechanic Power and Reset buttons. Things that you won’t find in modern consoles.

Nintendo NES Jilaxzone.com Nintendo box and the NES console
Nintendo NES: The box with the original & famous now yellowish 30-year-old Nintendo NES console – a console that was in every kids’ dream during late 80’s and early 90’s
Nintendo NES Jilaxzone.com front look of NES console
Nintendo NES: Front look of the now yellowish and considered archaic Nintendo Entertainment System aka NES

Back in 80’s and 90’s, HD and HDMI were not born yet. These red, yellow (and normally white) ports are the gold standard to connect any peripherals to your TV.

Nintendo NES Jilaxzone.com Look from the console right side
Nintendo NES: Look from the console right side – There’s Audio and Video port – a gold standard in pre-HDMI era

Do you even know what is RF Switch port?

In short, this is to cater people with no red-white-yellow ports on their TVs.

Nintendo NES Jilaxzone.com console behind view
Nintendo NES: A view from behind of Nintendo NES console – AC Adaptor port, CH3-CH4 switch and RF port
Nintendo NES Jilaxzone.com Bottom console view
Nintendo NES: A view from bottom of Nintendo NES console
Nintendo NES Jilaxzone.com zoom look at Bottom console view
Nintendo NES: A zoomy look to the bottom of Nintendo NES console – A Caution Notes and console Serial Number

Copyright 1986 by Nintendo and made in Japan. What a quality!

Nintendo NES Jilaxzone.com Copyright 1986 and Made in Japan!
Nintendo NES: A zoomy look to the bottom of Nintendo NES console – Copyright 1986 and Made in Japan!
Nintendo NES Jilaxzone.com console and two controllers
Nintendo NES: The console and the two last-time-considered-futuristic squarish controller

How simple life back then, you can play thousands of games with just 2 actions buttons (A&B), Select, Start and D-pad button. Today’s controller seems overly complicated -> 🎮.

Nintendo NES Jilaxzone.com Nintendo original controller front look
Nintendo NES: Front look of Nintendo NES original controller – Two Action buttons A & B, Select, Start and D-pad. How much simple life back then!
Nintendo NES Jilaxzone.com controller back look
Nintendo NES: Back look of Nintendo NES original controller – Made in Japan! – Due to its flatness shape & form, the controller suffers scratches if you put it on the floor, desk, or anywhere else

Missing Pieces of this Original Nintendo console 🎮

Unfortunately I can’t show you guys the TV screen showing original Mario game being played on its original Nintendo console since the adaptor (or people nowadays know it as power brick) and the game cartridge are missing and nowhere to be found. Hopefully on my next visit, I can dig around to find those missing pieces and boot the console back to live to show it’s Glory.

Were you part of kids who use to dream about owning and playing this console? And do you also have archaic console of your own? Do give your comments on the comment section down below. Cheers!

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