Singapore Public Transport: No More Off-Peak Pass for Singapore Residents

No more Off-Peak Pass starting 1st December 2017
Starting 1st December 2017, TransitLink is terminating the Off-Peak Pass (OPP) of the Adult Monthly Travel Card (AMTC). Long story short, both me and my wife are the active users of TransitLink Card Programme. I’m using the S$120/month pass, while my wife is using the Off-Peak Pass, priced at S$80/month (read more on the detail below).
Yesterday 30th November 2017, her pass is expiring and she didn’t get a chance to top-up. Today 1st December 2017, she went to both the ticket counter and AVM Machine just to find that the S$80/month pass is no longer available.
No More Off-Peak Pass
Adult Monthly Travel Card – Image Courtesy of

Types of Singapore TransitLink Adult Monthly Travel Card (AMTC)

Historically speaking, before 1st December 2017, there were 2 types of Adult Monthly Travel Card (AMTC):
1. Off-Peak Pass (OPP), priced at S$80 monthly
2. Adult Monthly Travel Pass (AMTP), priced at S$120 monthly
Do not get mixed between AMTC and AMTP ya. AMTC is the TransitLink Card Programme name, while AMTP is one of the 2 types AMTC has.

The differences between Off-Peak Pass (OPP) and Adult Monthly Travel Pass (AMTP)

These are the differences between the 2 types of AMTC:
1. Price: OPP is S$80/month, while AMTP is $120/month
2. Usage: Both OPP and AMTP can be used to take unlimited train rides and public bus rides (except midnight services)
3. Time: OPP can be used only during off peak period (thus the name), while AMTP can be used anytime within the normal service hour (not inclusive of midnight bus service)

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What is considered as Off-Peak Time?

From the start of public transport service till 6.29am.
Then from 9.01am till 4.59pm.
And from 7.31pm till end of public transport service.
Any time not mentioned above, is considered as Peak time.
SG Singapore Merlion Statue at Marina Bay
Singapore: Merlion – the iconic symbol of Singapore

No more Off Peak Pass (OPP)

Yes, so starting 1st December 2017, you won’t be able to top-up your Adult Monthly Travel Card (AMTC) with Off-Peak Pass (OPP) anymore anywhere island-wide in Singapore.
And any existing and valid Off-Peak Pass (OPP) will cease after 28th December 2017.

What are the alternatives to Off-Peak Pass (OPP)?

At the time this article is written, there are only 2 alternatives:
1. Convert to Adult Monthly Travel Pass (AMTP), priced at S$120/month – if you really travel that many times.
On avarege, there are 30 days within a month. S$120/month means S$4/day. Assuming you need S$2 to go from home to work, then you may want to consider upgrade to AMTP.
2. Use the normal Ez-Link card to travel and use public transport in Singapore.


Since my wife was using Off-Peak Pass (OPP) and the number she travels a day normally more than 2 times taking train and public bus go back and forth, so I have told her to upgrade her Off-Peak Pass to Adult Monthly Travel Pass. What about you? Are you upgrading to AMTP or go back to use normal Ez-Link to travel island-wide? Do you think we should voice out to TransitLink to bring back the Off-Peak Pass?

Do give your comments down below on comment section. Thanks!


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4 thoughts on “Singapore Public Transport: No More Off-Peak Pass for Singapore Residents

  • December 4, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    Yes I think we should voice out to get the OPP back!!

    • December 6, 2017 at 3:14 am

      Hi Jennifer,

      Yes true – agree with you. My wife is really missed it. The Adult Monthly Travel Pass ($120) is expensive for her since she doesn’t really need to use the bus and train on peak time.

  • January 23, 2019 at 3:09 am

    I feel the traffic Minister takes a study of a minority of 200 and judged to remove the OPP, unfair to other many users that benefitted from it


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